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Event Dates + Target Audience + Brief Overview

The Big 3 Summit is being held July 19th, 2021 – July 23, 2021

Our target audience are intermediate course creators, bloggers, and digital product makers who have most of the basics down (like how to start a blog) but aren’t seeing the traction in audience growth they want in their businesses. 

The Big 3’s  mission is to help our attendees grow their audiences and email lists using the 3 most effective tips for leveraging certain social media channels, ads, content creation methods and types of freebies  while avoiding the 3 biggest mistakes in those areas. 

The Big 3 summit will be a mixed of pre-recorded interviews and pre-recorded presentations. 

There will be no chat boxes.  

Instead we ask all speakers to interact with our attendees in the Big 3 Summit Facebook Group. We will let you know what date your presentation will be going live in June and we remind you closer to the date because I know you’re busy.


What makes The Big 3 Summit Different

What makes The Big 3 Summit Different?

Let’s be real.  This probably wasn’t the only summit invite you’ve had this week.  So we want to make sure you know what sets The Big 3 Summit apart from other online summits.

What makes The Big 3 Summit different is, in your pre-recorded interview or pre-recorded presentation, we only want you going over the 3 most IMPORTANT things our viewers must do to have success in the area you teach about, and how to avoid the 3 BIGGEST mistakes in your area of expertise. 

Our goal is not to overwhelm attendees with a fire hose of contradictory information. We want them to be able to follow your advice to start to see instant results in their audience growth areas. 

To make sure our attends aren’t too scattered with all of the different methods presented with how to grow their audiences we’ll have things like quizzes and assessments and learning path to particular sessions so we share with them best presentation/interviews for  their situation. Which means you’ll only be in front of the action takers really ready to take the next step with you and your business. 

What I’ll Need From You

 So this all sounds great, but what kind of work does it require from you?  My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible so we can all have a blast while providing great value and growing our businesses.

1. Sign Our Speaker Agreement (Mandatory)

Once you accept our invitation to be a speaker you’ll be sent “Speaker Agreement Contract” via Hello Sign.  This will go over our expectations of you, along with granting us the rights to sell your presentation as part of the all access passes.

2.  Submitting Basic Information (Mandatory)

Once that contract is signed you’ll receive an email from “Content Snag” requesting the following information:

  • Name.
  • Title.
  • Short Bio.
  • Social Media Handles
  • Website URL
  • Square headshot (500 x 500 only).
  • URL to one of your lead magnets landing page
  • Fun fact
  • Cool awards or accomplishments

3. Book your interview slot or submit your 25 minute pre-recored presentation (Mandatory)

On the same form where you filled out your basic info you’ll will also be given the link to book your interview with me or submit a link to your presentation. 

All interviews MUST be done by June 2nd. All presentation must be submitted by June 2nd.  

Let’s dive a little more into each presentation method

A. Pre-recorded Interview Style (Preferred)

On the form where we ask you for basic information you’ll be giving a link to book your interview which will be conducted via Zoom.us. 

I’ve open up several interview spots from late April until June 2nd. Including a couple Saturday dates. 

Each interview slot will be for 30 minutes. 

You’ll be responsible for having:

  • A high quality microphone.
  • Headphones to lessen echo
  • A quiet area to record.
  • Be “camera ready” since these videos will be shared with the Big 3 audience
  • Well prepared including knowing the url of the landing page where you want to send people after your interview. 

Our format will follow that of the pre-recorded presentations:

  • A quick introduction of yourself.
  • An overview of your topic and why it’s important for digital product creators to master it.
  • Teach the 3 Big things people must do to see success in your area of expertise.
  • The 3 Biggest mistakes people make when trying to have success in your area of expertise and what they should do instead.
  • A recap of each Big 3.
  • Action steps (with the goal of simplifying their existing process).
  • Up to a 1-minute pitch – Don’t forget to mention your Freebie.

I’ll be asking like things like “Okay, since we got ‘Thing 1’ down, what’s the ‘Next Thing’ we should be focusing on?”

These interviews will only be getting “light” edits so if you mess up – correct your mistake quickly and move on.  Don’t ask to start over.

No umm’s or ahhh will be cut out. 

Interviews must have taken place no later than 5pm EST on Wednesday June 2nd 2021.

B. Pre-Recorded Lesson Presentation

You can submit a pre-recorded, nicely edited 25 minute presentation – no exceptions. 

If your content does not follow the Big 3 framework listed below your presentation will not be included in the Big 3 Summit.  

Your presentation should include great, actionable content and MUST include the 3 BIGGEST things attendees need to do if they are going to find success in your area of expertise plus the 3 BIGGEST mistakes most people make and how to avoid them.

Your presentation may include up to a 1-minute pitch at the end for one of your lead magnets. 

Here’s the suggested format:

  1. A quick introduction of yourself and your audience growth method
  2. Teach the 3 Big Things People must do to see success in your area of expertise.
  3. The 3 Biggest mistakes people make when trying to have success in your area of expertise and what they should do instead. ***NOTE YOU CAN DO THE MISTAKES FIRST THEN YOUR 3 BEST TIPS SECOND****
  4. A recap of each of the Big 3 things. 
  5. Give one action step the audience should start working on today. 
  6. Up to a 1-minute pitch for one of your lead magnets and your social media handles. 

Your pre-recorded presentation must be a video. 

You presentation can be slides, face to camera, screen capture tutorial or a mix of all of them. 

Do not pitch or include affiliate links in your presentation if your sharing tools or resources. Those will be cut out of your video.

If we have to do too many edits your presentation to fit with Big 3 format, your presentation will not be used. If you have any question if something is “okay”  – email kate@katedoster.com first. 

Pre-recorded presentations are due no later than 11am EST on June 2nd 2021.

4. Live Participation – (Mandatory-ish)

This event does not have chat-boxes. Instead you will have dedicated thread in the Big 3 Summit  Facebook Group. 

We ask that you pop in on the day your presentation goes live to answer questions and chat with attendees. 

All presentations for that day will be released at 10am EST and will be avabile  until 10am EST the next morning. 

You will be informed of what day by June 6th, 2021

If you’d like to go live in the Facebook group to answer questions feel free but it’s not required. 

I’ll be going live between 3pm-4pm EST on most days through out the summit. 

5. Promotions (Mandatory-ish)

While we can’t force you to promote the summit these types of events only work is all the speakers do their part. 

We ask that you send at least 1 email and post on social media twice to promote the event. 

Of course you are more then welcome to do more. 

You’ll be emailed a link on June 15th 2021 where you can access swipe copy and graphics for The Big 3 Summit.  (More information below).

6. Product for the “Advanced” All Access Pass (Optional but you’ll get $100 USD if you contribute something)

The Advanced All Access Pass (to be re-named later) will contain replays of the presentations, worksheets, transcriptions,  audio version of your presentation along with bonus resources provided by myself and the other speakers. 

As a thank you for contributing your affiliate commission will be bumped to 50% from the standard 30% for both versions of the all access passes. 

The types of resources we are looking for are:

  • eBooks.
  • Workbooks.
  • Templates
  • Workflows
  • Videos / Audio Trainings
  • Mini-courses
  • Full courses

This offer will have a high conversion rate, so we can’t accept any 1:1 offers as contributions.

It’s totally up to you to decide whether you’d like to create something new or provide something you already have. I find it easy to peel a bonus from one of my tiny-offers to contribute. 

  • Name of your resource
  • Description of your resource
  • Value
  • 500px by 500px mockup
  • Detailed claim instructions – including coupon code if needed
  • Customer support email
  • Deadline to claim (if there is one)

You will submit this information on the same form where you gave us your basic interview. 


Yup I’m paying you $100 USD via Paypal for giving something to “Advance All Access Pass.” even if you don’t make a single sale. 
Your bonus $100 USD payout will be sent you July 14th via Paypal (Yup 5 days before the summit even starts.)

7. Prize for our Bingo Card Challenge (Optional)

Last year to encourage attendees to participation we run a Big 3 Summit Bingo Card contest – that encourage people to do thing like invest in the all access pass, watch presentations, etc.  It was a SMASH hit. 

If you’d like to supply a prize like a copy of one of your programs, your favorite books, gift cards, 1:1 session etc we’d love it have it. 

Besides getting featured in Facebook group ONE of the speakers who provides a prize will have a “Follow that person on Instagram” square added to the Bingo Card. 

Promotional Plan

Leading up to the Summit, we’ll have two weeks of promotion.  You’ll be provided with email and social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy for you.  I’ll even have a suggested posting / sending schedule for you to make promo easy to outsource to a VA.

During the promotional phase, as the Summit is running, and for a week after the Summit is complete, we’ll also be promoting  both the Extended Access Pass (think lifetime access to the replays and no speakers) + Advance Pass (I’m working on a new name).   

The Extended Access Pass include lifetime access to the sessions, notes, a workbook and audio versions of the present along with one bonus item from me.

Our Advance Pass (catchier name coming soon) will include everything from the Extended Access Pass + all the bonus items from the speakers, bonus from myself, co-working times, hot seats from Kate and a couple more surprises.  

This will provide immense value to our attendees, while making the work of promoting and creating a presentation worthwhile by allowing you to bring in affiliate commission.  (And if you choose to submit a high quality product to Advance Pass  you’ll also get an increase in your commission rate from 30% to 50% for both version of our all access passes)

Affiliate Details

 While summits are great for overall visibility and making new connections, a little extra income never hurt either, right?

That’s exactly why I’ve set up an affiliate program for both levels of the all access pass where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from traffic you refer to the event.   

Payouts will be made automatically via Paypal 30 days after your lead purchases their copy of the The Sales Booster Action Pack (All Access Pass) (as long as they do not ask for a refund – which won’t be offered anyway). 

This means if you have a qualified lead who purchases The Sales Booster Action Pack (All Access Pass) on July 1st (the first day registration will be open) you will receive a commission for that single sale on August 1, 2021 with the last payments being processed on August 30,  2021.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • 30% for all speakers.
  • 50% for all speakers who include a premium bonus.  

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, the Resource Vault includes things like email and social media copy, and social share graphics.  However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and even run your own Facebook Ads. 

Just remember to use your affiliate link to share about the summits. (More training on that once you are officially a speaker)

Please note we will be using ThriveCart Affiliate Tracking which is all encompassing.   

ThriveCart is also a last click system.  Meaning; if Sue clicks on Sara’s link to register for the Summit but doesn’t buy until AFTER she clicks on Joanna’s link to The Sales Booster Action Pack (All Access Pass);  Joanna gets the sale.

If they click on one of my links to ultimately purchase you will still get the credit. 

Which means if somebody ultimately ends up buying All Access Pass after your presentation you will get the credit for it. 

As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.

***Note you are NOT allowed to share your affiliate link in the Facebook group for the Big 3 Summit***

If you want to ran ads to the Summit using your affiliate link you totally can. 

Resource Vault

Now for those resources I promised you to make your life as easy as possible.

On June 15th, you will receive a link via email with a folder that contains all of the following resources to help you promote the summit (again don’t forget to use your affiliate links):

  • Summit branding information (in case you’d like to show off that you’ve been featured, on your website).
  • To do list with due dates so you can keep track of everything nice and easily.
  • Email swipe copy and suggested send dates.
  • Social media swipe copy and suggested posting dates.
  • Social media graphics (Instagram / Facebook main feed, Instagram Stories).
  • Gifs to use in your emails. 


If you need a template for your presenation slides we can provide those. 

Action Steps

Phew, that was a lot to cover.  You’re awesome for making it this far 😊

For the sake of clarity, here are your current action steps:

  • Reply back to let us know you’re in the summit ASAP.
  • Sign your speaker contract ASAP (will be sent to you after you reply back Yes). 
  • Schedule your interview spot ASAP (if you want an interview) – you will be sent the link to sign up in the same email you get the link to your contract.  (Please note your interview will be cancelled if your contract isn’t signed within 48 hours of our call).
  • Provide your basic information once the link comes through (this will be in the email with your contract, and interview appointment link).
  • Sign up for your affiliate account.
  • Join The Big 3 Summit Facebook Group.
  • Let me know if you have any questions up to this point.

Here’s a pdf download with everything you and your team will need. 


Here’s a roundup of your key dates:

    • Basic information: as soon as possible.
    • Presentation slot scheduled: as soon as possible.
    • Presentation / Interviews: must be submitted by June. 2nd.
    • “Advanced” (All Access Pass) contributions information: submitted by June 15, 2021
    • Promotional period: from June 30th – July 20th
    • The Big 3 Summit dates: July 19th – July 23rd
    • All Access Pass cart closes: July 27th
    • Affiliate payouts – current 30 days after the point of sale – so anywhere from July 30th – August 27th, 2021

Something I missed?  Email me at kate@katedoster.com