The Offically Schedule for the July 19 – July 23rd Big 3 Summit Audience Growth Edition. 

If a presentation is live & available to watch for free it will have a WATCH NOW button underneath it. Each day’s presentations go live at 10am EST are available for 24 hours.


Day 1 – Vital Foundational Work July 19th 

Freebies People Actually Want

with Kate Doster Host of the Inbox Besties Podcast

Turing your site into a list building machine

with Hafsa Rana of Happily Hafsa


with Sara Whiteside

USing Free Challenges To Explode Your List

with Hedy Zhou of Happily Hedy

Landing Pages that Convert

with Naima of

What Google Really Wants

with Bonny Albo of NetWriter

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  Day 2 – Conversion Style Content

Hosting your own Podcast to expand your reach.

with Melissa of Wit & Wire


with Rita Ester of Break Up With My Boss

Getting the YouTube algorithm to fall in love with you

with Hope Ware of Under The Median

Mastering Tiktok (without doing stupid dances)

with Jessica Furniss of Jessica Furniss(.) com

Writing Blog Posts Google Actually Sends Traffic To

with Elna Cain of Twins Mommy 

 Day 3 –  Borrowing Other People’s Audiences (for Free) July 21st

Hosting Free Bundles

with Kate Doster host of the Back To Business Free Bundle


landing Podcast interviews

with Angie Trueblood of Angie Trueblood (.) com

Hosting Summits to launch your course

with Nicole Batey of Fempreneur Online Summit Production Agency

BeING a guest expert in someone else's course

with Emily Walker of Emily Walker (.)com

becoming a soUGHt after Summit SPeaker

with Desola Davis of Desola Davis (.) com

Leveraging Clubhouse (without having to host a room)

with Stephanie Mojica of Get Their Attention Now

  Day 4 – Mastering The Classic Social Media Channels July 22nd 

The Best Way To Make Your Money Back With Promoted Pins (Pinterest Ads)

with Presh Rodgers of The Pinning Oasis

Don't do this on Pinterest in 2021

with Carly Campbell of Mommy On Purpose

Going Viral with Instagram Reels

with Jasmine Hunt of She Bold Stock

Running Facebook Ads After the IOS Update

with Dr. Destini Copp Host of The Course Creator’s MBA Podcast

Do hashtags still matter? How to use your Instagram feed to get followers

with Giuliana Vann

How to actually get Facebook To show your posts for free + What to do on Live Video

with Melanie Ferguson of Southern Crush at Home