Sept. 15, 2020 – Sept. 17, 2020


Kate Doster

Host of the Inbox Besties Podcast & The Big 3 Summit

Presentations: Turning Launch Emails Into Launch Dollars Without Feeling Like A Money Hungry Buttface. 

Kate Doster is the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast, creator of the Love Your List 2.0™ email marketing mega course and is dangerously obsessed with helping ethical entrepreneurs carve out their slice of the interwebs by wooing the hearts (and wallets) open of their small but mighty audiences thanks to fun email marketing and easy yes mini-offers.

She believes you don’t need to bleed the alphabet or be a dirty rotten spam face to write emails that jolt subscribers into taking action, gobbling up your paid offers like candy… or kale if that’s their thing.

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Faith Mariah

Presentation : Answer The Calling (Kicking Imposter Syndrome In The Face)

Faith Mariah is a mental health blogger and blogging mindset coach. She helps women overcome their fear so they can make more money and help more people than they ever imagined. If you’re ready to shift your mindset and change your whole life Faith is the coach for you.

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Presh Rodgers

Presentation : How to become a Pinterest Badass & Market on Autopilot

Presh Rodgers is a Pinterest Marketing Expert (or Pinterest Badass for short) as well as an Instagram Queen and the CEO of The Phresh Assistant. She helps established and badass online coaches and content creators jumpstart their Pinterest & IG marketing strategies to crush their business goals through ‘VIB’ Experiences. When she’s not giving out high energy, good laughs or sunshine vibes, you can find her sipping her favorite drink of the day and watching her latest Netflix binge.

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Nihaad from Our Polished Pages

Presentation : 3 biggest things you need to do and the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid when structuring your digital products.

I’m Nihaad, a Graphics & Brand Designer for creative entrepreneurs.

I help creative fempreneurs attract their very own tribe online with polished, on-brand graphics that truly sets them apart from the rest – giving them the confidence to stand in front of their dream clients.

The digital market is bursting with incredibly talented individuals all striving to leave their mark on the world. You need to stand out from the crowd! This is where I can help…

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Clarissa Wilson

Presentation: Pricing Your Products to Make Money

Clarissa is an accountant and auditor who loves working with online businesses on all of their money stuff so that they can end up making more money in their business.

She has spent the past 5 years in her business studying pricing and the psychology around pricing, as well as watching other business owners with their pricing.  She always reads all the books that she can get her hands on, searching the web for pricing studies that are done regularly and even conducting her own behind the scenes studies of pricing.

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Matt Ragland

Presentation : How to Ideate and Create a Best-Selling Course

Matt Ragland is the director of creator success at Podia, a platform that helps creators build an audience and sell digital products. Previously he was at ConvertKit as their first customer success hire and is an active YouTuber in his own creative time. Matt lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and two boys.

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Tasha Booth

Presentation : Stress Free Launches

Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster.

She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild – Course Launch Support & Digital Marketing Implementation Agency supporting established coaches and course creators with Course & Podcast Launches, Operations & Systems Management, and Content Management & Repurposing. Her team is over 20 members strong and works together to support their clients in being able to focus back onto their zones of genius.

Additionally, she mentors virtual support pros (VAs & OBMs) who are passionate and ready to grow their businesses while living life on their own terms and is the host of the How She Did That Podcast — a podcast for Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Project Managers to learn business and tech tips.

Tasha is an Air Force wife to her husband Scott, stepmom to Grace & Meredith, and work from home dog mom to Stanly and Boomer. In her spare time, she watches true crime tv, sings karaoke, and tends to her organic vegetable garden.

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Kara Cahill

Presentation : Instagram Sales Secrets

Kara helps online entrepreneurs create content marketing strategies that turn their Instagram followers into paying customers.

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Kim Jacobson

Presentation : The Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of a Fabulous Webinar

Kim Jacobson is The Webinar Lady and she’s got one goal: to help business owners achieve peaceful profits using value-packed webinars. No sleaze. No fake scarcity. None of that salesy nonsense. Just a good ol’ webinar as it was intended to be: a teaching tool used to encourage qualified prospects to take the next step. She knows that a solid webinar system yields consistent sales and creates wins on both sides of the screen.

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Jen Williams

Presentation : CEO + Operations Authority

Jen Williams is following her passion to help other entrepreneurs dare to design a life they love. She is the creator of the SBB Ops (Service Based Business Operations) system. Through a decade of corporate experience and years of serving clients directly she created a repeatable process that anyone can follow to build a business that experiences consistent growth that doesn’t depend directly on trading your time for money. Systematizing your operations allows you to step into the CEO role and let the company practically run itself. Jen personally believes in living a simple life and can often be found curled up on the couch with a book with her minimalist family of 4.

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Shelly Criswell

Presentation : How to Create a Facebook Group That Will Help Grow Your Business

Shelly always had dreams of being her own boss and working from home. After growing her side hustle Virtual Assistant business, she finally saw that dream come true and quit her 9 to 5. She now teaches others how to do the same. She believes it’s never too late to start something new!

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Rita Ester

Presentation : The Online Entrepreneur’s Guide to Profitable Sales Page Design

Starting from nothing, Rita Ester created her successful freelance business from scratch and was able to replace her full-time income in less than one year.

After six years of designing sales pages that convert like crazy for industry leaders, she is (finally) sharing her top tips & tricks for sales pages that work in any niche.

Her straight to the point, no fluff style eliminates all the busy work and concentrates on the key pieces you need to fast-track your way to success.

Her signature course, Break Up With My Boss, focuses on establishing yourself as the go-to expert, positioning your business to attract high-end clients and creating connections that will help your business thrive in the long-term. She thinks outside the box when it comes to attracting clients and (more importantly) creating what she calls “Clients for Life”.

You can find more about Rita & Break Up with My Boss at:

Or join the private Facebook group:

She has three children, two dogs and one boyfriend that keep her busy when she’s not tapping away on her laptop in her home office.

When not working or parenting her three teenagers, she enjoys a good game of pool and bad karaoke at her local dive bars.

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Ashleigh Peregoy

Presentation : Choosing a Topic:
Unlock an Unstoppable Digital Product that you you can sell in your sleep

I am living, breathing proof that failing is part of life, but it does NOT dictate your destiny, or control your future. Determination is the dictator of your destiny, and determination is 100% in your full control!

As a busy Mom, wife, business coach and CEO of a thriving marketing business, I am grateful to have the ability to witness dreams come true and success stories unfold. On a more personal note, when I’m not working I love reading, and doing craft projects. I am pretty sure my blood type REALLY is coffee and I’m an enneagram #8 with a touch of #7!

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Kim Anderson

Presentation : What’s in a Name? Everything.
How to Develop Compelling Product Names that Capture Attention

Kim Anderson is the voice behind the Just Keep Blogging Podcast. Kim started her blog Thrifty Little Mom in 2013. She is the author of “Live, Save, Spend, Repeat: The Life You Want with the Money You Have. Kim has been coaching other bloggers since 2015. She focuses on helping bloggers define their own success story and helps them pursue it with deep-dive education and relentless encouragement.

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Charlene Boutin

Presentation : How to Write Your Profitable Sales Page in a Day Or Less

Charlene Boutin is a launch strategist and copywriter based in Montreal, Canada. She’s helped dozens of course creators and service providers craft irresistible sales funnels based on TRUST – so that cold subscribers move seamlessly from the top to the bottom of the funnel while learning to know and love your brand. Her goal is to create sales pages that meet your audience where they are to help you work less and make more!

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Mariam Tsaturyan

Presentation : The 3 Most Important Policies For Your Online Business & The 3 Big Mistakes to Avoid

Mariam Tsaturyan is an attorney for entrepreneurs and online creatives. She started her own entrepreneurial journey over two years ago and realized that online business owners and creatives were in dire need of legal help and guidance.

Mariam always strives to provide as much guidance and help as possible because she firmly believes that there is room for everyone to succeed and be happy. She understands that legal compliance is a tricky issue and therefore doesn’t want anyone to take a chance with it.

When Mariam is not working, she is spending time with her husband and son.

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Zoe Linda

Presentation : How To Make A Magical Affiliate Program

Zoe Linda helps digital product creators create magical affiliate programs that aren’t spammy, salesy, or sleazy. She loves showing business owners how an affiliate program can harness the relationships they already have to scale the products they’ve put their blood, sweat, and tears into. Zoe can usually be found with a coffee in one hand, pen in the other (ready to write down her next big idea), and her goofy dog, Nala, by her side. When she is not working, she is playing video games online or re-watching Brooklyn-99 episodes!

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Naima Sheikh

Presentation : Pre-Launch Content That Sells

My name is Naima and I’m a Digital Strategy & Business Systems Consultant. I bring 20+ years of corporate and digital strategy consulting experience to building business systems. In English, that means I speak geek and human, while I help you build a strong online presence, complete with branded websites and funnels — in a systematic, stress-free manner.

My zone of genius is to turn multipassionate entrepreneurs’ chaotic and distracted worlds into streamlined digital assets and systemized processes they can run from their iPhones, without hiring an army of (often AWOL) VAs — if they ever get off Instagram stories on said iPhones …

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Nicole Ware

Presentation : Only watch if you want the best Summit to customers for your next launch

If you’re looking to unleash your rockstar status and create a cascade of leads, connections and cash, then consider Nicole Ware your new biz girlfriend. Nicole helps female founders, podcasters, and course creators double their email lists and access 5 (and 6-figure launches!) by creating sizzling virtual summits. With her team,she helps create and execute Oprah-level summits from A-Z.

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Caroline Vencil & Tracy Lynn

Presentation : Making Bank + Growing Your List with Free & Paid Bundles

We’re Caroline Vencil & Tracy Lynn. Together, our blogs bring in more than $200k per year. And we’re here to help YOU make more money with your blog without spending a fortune or working 23.5 hours a day.
After blogging for a combined 10 years, we each bring a new perspective to what works in the blogging world. Caroline is a mom of 4 little kids and is a pro at making money while you sleep. Tracy is an empty-nester who is a master at organizing and making systems to optimize your blog on autopilot.
Together in Blogging On Point, they’ve perfected the art of making more money in less time. No more listening to the “pros” who just don’t get *you,* we’re here to show you that even if you think you can’t make a money-making product, you really can!
Our passion is helping women who know that they have something special to share with the world get their message out there while earning an income in the process.
We are here to show you the steps that you can take every day to make your blog into a money-making machine… without selling a kidney, winning the lottery to pay for it, or running away from your family!

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Monica Froese

Presentation : 3 Conversion-Worthy Tips for Successful Pinterest Ad Campaigns

Monica is a conversion strategist and Pinterest marketing expert. She has an MBA degree in finance and marketing and blogs at Redefining Mom, a site for helping women thrive in both motherhood and business. She spent 11 years working for a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with large brands like Microsoft and HP. Now she provides online marketing education to small businesses that are looking to build a profitable revenue stream through effective customer-centric sales funnels and Pinterest ads.

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Stirling Gardner

Presentation : Launch Perfect: The launch system used to consistently drive 20-40X ROI for client launches

Lifelong math nerd turned Hollywood writer turned digital marketer. Stirling uses his storytelling and love of numbers to launch 20-40X ROI launches for his clients.

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Monica Monfre

Presentation : They Really Like You: Using IG Stories to Connect and Sell

Have more passions than a Crayola box has crayons?

From teaching high school to leading yoga classes to running her side hustle coaching business, Monica Monfre is leading the way for the multi-passionate side hustler (and she knows a thing or two about Instagram too!).

She developed her signature SELF business framework after feeling burnout from teaching and was determined to find a better way. The framework is for multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want to focus on growing a soul-centered business while also making room for fun, which every multi-passionate business owner desires (and deserves).

Even though she’s running between teaching literature, leading Vinyasa, and helping her clients get visible on social media, you can always stop her in her tracks with a mocha and some mint M&Ms. Oh, and sparkly pens. Because, well, teachers.

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