Helping time strapped Ethical Entrepreneurs create and sell their digital products as easy as 1-2-3. (Without  feeling like a money hungry buttface). 


 We both know you’re hella busy.  Chances are you’re reading this on the toilet or when you’re supposed to be emailing your list (gotcha!).  Which is why, unlike most online business summits with a million speakers shoving a fire hose of contradictory information down your throat for 5 days leaving you more overwhelmed than when you started…

The Big 3 Summit is different. 

Not only have the speakers and topics been chosen and arranged in way that virtually eliminates the need for you to spend $1000’s on courses about how to create and launch a digital product — but our presentations will only focus on the 3 MOST ACTIONABLE things you need to do to succeed in their area of Expertise and the 3 things you must avoid at all costs if you don’t want to flop. 


Registration officially opens up on September 1, 2020