What’s up homeslice?  Got a question about the summit? The Sales Booster Action Pack? Or just want to tell Kate how much you love her videos? (Aww that’s sweet).

First look at the FAQ belows, they might be able to answer your questions or concern instantly. (Yay no waiting!)

After that you can use the form below or email us directly at smilesquad (@)katedoster(.)com (minus the () marks of course).

How I will get access to the presentations with my free ticket?

Every morning we’ll email you with a list of presenations and the url where you can watch them. 

I went to watch a presentation and it said it's expired . Can I get a different link?

Presenations are only avaible for 24 hours. After that the only way to watch the presenations is to purchase the Sales Booster Action Pack. Which you can get here. 

No exceptions will be made unless there are catastrophic tech failures on our behalf. 

How to I access my Sales Booster Action Pack?

You’ll receive 3 emails from us.

1. From Podia (our course platform asking you to set up your password)

2. From ThriveCart which is a reciept for your purchase. 

3. From Kate Doster welcoming you to the booster pack. 

You’ll find links to access your booster pack in emails 1 & 3 you can also use the My Account link here which will redirect you to our course platform Podia. 

If you haven’t set up your password yet (or can’t find the Podia email) click reset password. 

Once you’re logged in, you can click the “Sales Booster Action Pack” button in your account. 

I purchased the Sales Booster Action Pack but I can't access anything!!!

First, please wait about 10 minutes then look again. Be sure to check your spam folder. 

After searching your inbox for the name KATE DOSTER, ThriveCart and Podia (all of which should help you log in) if you still don’t have access (or didn’t get any of those emails)  please use the form above to let us know. 

Be sure to include the email address you used to purchase along with your full name and we’ll get you taken care of asap!

Still need help after reading the FAQs above? No worries. Fill out the form below. 

Please note will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Sales Booster Action Pack customer who can’t log in will be giving top priority

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