The Big 3 Summit is over but, you’re still tired of waking up every morning to less subscribers then when you went to bed….keep scrolling. 

Because wouldn’t it be nice to say bye bye to …

  • Hate-reading other people’s income reports?  Because you had an email list chock-full of subscribers eager to throw their credit cards at you on repeat?
  • Getting condescending eye-rolls from your friends and family every time you bring up your business.
  • Wasting time on marketing strategies that haven’t worked since 2016 (hint why you’re doing all the “right things” but nothing is happening like you were promised.

And instead say hello to …

  • Hundreds of new views on your videos and Reels that you spent so much time on.
  • DM’s & emails wanting all the details about how to work with and invest in your courses.
  • Having to turn down invitations to speak at summits and podcast interviews because you’re getting offered too many.

All without having to eye-guzzle a month’s worth of valuable content in just 4 days during The Big 3 Summit from July 19th-23rd because your “To-do list” is already longer than a CVS receipt 


Then you’re in luck…

Give yourself the time, space and brain bandwidth to implement as-you-go plus get a ton of action packed bonuses to get results faster. 



ONLINE CHALLENGE HOSTING STARTER KIT (Actually sells for $99 on it's own) 

By Happily Hedy

Want to run a successful online challenge but overwhelmed by where and how to start? I’ve got you covered! This kit will take you through the ins and outs of coming up with a topic, and then packaging it into a full-blown challenge that will drive up your business’s leads and skyrocket your growth. I’m sharing the exact methods I used, covering everything you need to think of as you plan the contents and execution of your next challenge.

Welcome Series In a Weekend ($47 Value)

By  Kate Doster

Learning exactly what to put in your welcome series (and what to NEVER share) to skyrocket your open rates (and future sales). Welcome Series in a Weekend comes with 11 email templates and mini trainings to make customizing your welcome series a breeze.

Booked Out Podcast Course  (Actually sells for $97)


By Melissa of Wit & Wire

 Learn how to find, pitch, and book perfectly-suited guests for your podcast, even if you have no insider connections.  In addition to a vault of training videos, this toolkit includes the exact copy/paste templates I’ve used to pitch guests, plus a directory of guests in our community.


Financial Goal Trackers for Business 

($10 Value)

From Under The Median

This 20-page ebook includes color-co-ordinated forms to help you set up, organize, and prioritize your business financial goals.  I provide background information about the importance of goal-setting and then give you step-by-step instructions.

You'll find forms allowing you a number of different ways to track and personalize quarterly, yearly, and longer-term objectives. You'll gain valuable insights as you fill out the helpful worksheets.

By regularly using the forms and aligning your financial goals with your time and effort, you'll increase your business success and gain peace of mind, knowing that you have a plan for moving toward specific, reachable business milestones.

How to Edit Engaging TikTok Videos ($27 value)

 From Jessica Furniss

After this step by step video tutorial you'll learn all of Jessica's juicy editing secrets - she's used to gain over 100,000+ followers & 2.2 Million likes on her TikTok videos.  (And it won't take you all day to film or edit either.)  


The Secret to Getting 300 (or More) New Instagram Followers a Month Using Clubhouse ($47 Value)

By  Stephanie Mojica

Are you ready to learn the secret to getting 300 (or more) new Instagram followers a month using Clubhouse, whether you’re an established expert or new in business?

In this VIDEO COURSE, you’ll discover…

  • How to immediately start adding Instagram followers while using Clubhouse to grow your business.
  • What most coaches, course creators, and service providers are doing wrong when using Instagram (and thus aren’t seeing growth despite all the hours they put in). 
  • Quick and easy tips to make the most of hashtags on Instagram.  
  • Essential advice to avoid getting banned from Instagram.  
  • Ways to make sales using Instagram that aren’t sleazy.

Ad Starter Kit ($27 value)


By Dr Destiny Copp


  • A peek “behind the curtains” at what an actual ad consultant uses to map out their ad campaigns so you can feel confident you’re doing everything right
  • A framework (with shortcuts) for finding your perfect audience to target so that you can improve your cost per lead. 
  • ​​Free video training on setting up your campaign tracking so that you can measure your return on ad investment. 
  • An ROI calculator to estimate your return on investment based on your anticipated lead cost, online course pricing and ad campaign budget. 
  • ​Templates and swipe files (including ad swipe copy, headline cheat sheet, landing page template and Canva image templates) to help you create your high converting ad campaign faster and with confidence

Prepped to Pitch Masterclass | Getting Your Digital Assets in Order So You Can WOW Podcast Hosts + Listeners ($397 Value)

By Angie Trueblood

Prepped to Pitch Masterclass' recording that is ONLY normally available inside Go Pitch Yourself.

In this masterclass, she covers how to get your digital ducks in a row before you receive your first yes so you are ready to WOW podcast hosts and listeners.  In the class, she covers how to optimize your bio, how to choose headshots that put your best foot forward and how to make sure your digital footprint looks cohesive.  Sound overwhelming?  No worries - Angie teaches all of this with an emphasis on getting it done simply and quickly so you can move into the action phase of pitching.

Office Hours with a Virtual Summit Launch Strategist (1 month Access) $97 Value

From Fempreneur Online

Access the mastermind behind 5 and 6 figure offer launches using virtual summits.  All Things Virtual Summit Office Hours (normally reserved for $10K clients only) is where you gain access to small group coaching for creating your awesome event.  On your lucky day, you might even get Nicole's eyes only on your virtual event. 

We're opening the doors just for The Big 3 Summit Audience Booster Pack purchasers.

Join us for 2 sessions in August 2021 to ask your Summit-related questions, and even better how to convert your Summit attendees into customers for your offer.

Duplicate Yourself Training ($47 value)

By Desola Davis 

Ever feel like you see the same experts "everywhere"?

Well, growing your email list isn't about being everywhere, but being in the right places.​

Learn how to duplicate yourself and get "seen everywhere" without overwhelm.

The Niche Matrix: Find Your Profitable Niche and Stand Out Online ($147 value)

by Rita Ester

“How does she charge that much?”  “Why can’t I charge like that?”  How often do you ask questions like this when it comes to your business?  The biggest secret I can tell you, is your money mindset is what is affecting your pricing.  In this masterclass, let’s figure out what is holding you back with your money mindset and your pricing and change the way you price in your business forever. 

Pinterest Systems Hub ($27 Value)

By Presh Rodgers

Take your Pinterest backend organization to the next level so you can drive more traffic, conversions, and profit to your business even faster. The ultimate tracker templates that creates the Pinterest System Hub you need.

The Course Builder Box ($97 Value)

By Emily Walker

Course Builder Box helps you build your course materials in a way that minimizes overwhelm while maximizing the student experience.

This is the exact system I teach my clients for bringing their powerful and profitable courses to life. It’s intentionally crafted so that all your materials work together, and every step of the way is infused with my years of experience designing transformation-driven learning experiences.

Think of it like a roadmap and knapsack of everything you need to go from creation confusion to done like dinner.

(one transformative course, a la mode please)

The Ultimate Boss Bundle ($155 Value)

By Giuliana Vann

Take your hashtag and content game to the next level so you can finally grow your Instagram with dream clients even if you have a tiny audience. Inside the Ultimate Boss Bundle, you'll learn proven and tested strategies to Grow your Instagram following, reach hundreds to thousands of your dream clients, and create high valuable and engaging content that converts.

The Site Schedule ($47 Value)

By: Happily Hafsa

Having a website that is current is a foundational thing in your business in 2021. An outdated website erodes your visitor's trust in your ability to deliver effective solution to their problems. But it's often hard to keep up with what updates need to happen on your website and what is a good schedule to follow when it comes to maintaining your website. 

The Site Schedule is a mini-course designed to take you through the steps of creating an effective and sustainable schedule with which to keep your website current. This helps with ensuring that you continue making the right first impression to your visitors, convert more visitors into clients and create more transformations. 


Pin Design Rules to Break + 10 Canva Pin Templates ($27 value)

By Mommy On Purpose

I don't care if you manually pin, use tailwind, use the native scheduler, or pay your 12 year old $5 / day to do your pinning at lunch time, these PIN DESIGN RULES TO BREAK can help you get better Pinterest traffic no matter what your "pinning strategy" is. 

The best part is these Pinterest success hacks DON'T take 6 months to implement! 

It's the virtual kick-up-the-butt you need to stop wasting time learning trial & error strategies and start taking action on harnessing the connections you already have to sell the products you've already created.

Legendary Lead Magnets  ($37 Value)


What makes some lead magnets irresistible?
So attractive that you don't even mind the annoying pop-up AND you enter your REAL email address?
What if YOUR freebies were so spot on that they'd bring you subscribers all day, e'rry day?
Meet Legendary Lead Magnets, your go-to step by step guide for creating freebies that finally bring you the kinds of subscribers that predictably turn to buyers.
It's time to banish boring freebies -- because your brand and your future buyers deserve better.

Free Bundle Starter Pack ($47 Value)

By Kate Doster

Let's map out the topic, types of gifts and timeline for your free bundle. Plus we'll even map out your profit plan for you can make some serious bank with your free bundle.

2 Exclusive Co-Working Sessions  ($147 Value)

by Kate Doster

 Let's makes sure you actually get things done. Join us for two exclusive co-working session Tuesday July 20th at 2pm & Wednesday July 21th at 2pm EST. 

90 Minute Group Coaching Session with Kate Doster ($297 Value)

By Kate Doster

Hosted via Zoom on Thursday July 22nd at 2pm EST get your questions answers and direct feedback from Kate about your business, mindset, product suite and more. (All questions will be submitted before hand and the replay will be sent out.) 

Look I know your finger hurts from all that scrolling because there are so many bonuses but don’t forget when you invest in the EXTENDED Access Pass or The Audience Booster Pack YOu’ll also get: 

Ongoing Access to all the Presentations

Don’t try to cram everything in just 5 days, get lifetime access to all presentations.

Cheat Sheets & Transcriptions

To make all the information you’ll learn even easier for you, we created detailed notes and checklist of the exact actions you should be taken and avoid.

Listen on the go

Save yourself the phone battery. Listen to all the presentations while doing the dishes, watching lame kid shows or on a walk with our audio only versions.

“Seriously, what am I still doing here?  Just take my money.  

Questions Smart People Ask Before Diving In:

Why would I buy this when I could just see the presentations for free?

I like your style homeslice.  You’re an action taker, that’s what I love about you.  But maybe July 19th – July 23rd  just doesn’t work out for you?  Or you’re afraid binge watching that many videos will make your eyeballs fall out. 

Which is why if you need more time or you want to go back and re-watch any presentations – You have it regardless of whether you invest in the Extended Access Pass or the Audience Booster Pack

Plus you’ll avoid writer’s cramps because we’ve taken all the notes for you in both packages. 

When will I get access to everything?
Regardless if you invest in the Extended Access Pass or the Audience Booster Pack you’ll get access to everything that you were promised on July 19th at 9am EST.
What's the difference between the Extended Access Pass in the Audience Booster Pack Again?

The Extended Access Pass does not come with the over $3000 worth of bonus resources from our speakers, and Extended Access Pass holders do NOT get to come to the co-working sessions or the group coaching call with Kate Doster.

The Extented Access Pass does come with:

  • Ongoing access to all presentations so you can watch whenever you’d like
  • Cheat sheets of all the presentation so you can get implementing faster
  • MP3s of all the presentations so you can listen on the go
  • Full transcripts of all of the presentations
  • Bonus – Workbook Canva Templates
How can I claim my bonuses from the Audience Booster Pack

You’ll need to sign up for each individual bonus that you would like to claim separately via the special coupon code provided by the speakers in your course portal, where you can get their products 100% for free.

Most of these coupon codes are only valid for 60 days so it is advised that you sign up for all of them as soon as they are added to your membership portal.

Will the videos have closed captions?
All of the video presentations recorded specifically for The Big 3 summit will have closed captions.  We can’t guarantee any of the bonuses will.
Can I upgrade to the Audience Booster Pack later if I purchase the Extended Access Pass now?

You will be emailed a special coupon code to deduct whatever you paid towards your purchase of the full price Audience Booster pack which sells for $147.

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.  If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at
I saw this advertised at a different price. Is this the same thing? Can I get the difference?
We do not offer price adjustments after the price has increased so if you’re on the fence, get it now. 
I already have one or more of the speaker bonus resources. Can I get a discount?

No discounts are offered.  Just know that you’re getting an incredible value, even if you already have some of the speaker bonuses. 

There’s something else I’d like to know:
No worries, send us an email to and we’ll get back to you within two business days. 

 Look I get it, you’re already overwhelmed and bogging yourself down – adding even more content you “have to watch” is like throwing gasoline on a wildfire.

That’s why I wanted you to take a “Just in Time” learning approach to this bundle since you get lifetime access. 


Ready to step up your IG game instead of focusing on TikTok?  No worries rewatch our two presentations on Instagram.

Got your IG game down?  Now you’re ready to start focusing on your free bundle for Q4 – if you got the Audience Booster Pack we can help with that.

These aren’t courses you “have to” watch, they’re courses you “get to watch” to help you conquer your current goal and come when you’re ready for the next one. 

“Hand it Over!”