Hey there. Free Registration for the Big 3 Summit Has End. However, you still see all the presenations, plus get $3000 worth of bonuses with Sales Booster Action Pack on sale until Tuesday at 9pm EST. So keep scrolling…

If you’re reading this while hiding in the bathroom, or you forgot to eat lunch twice this week because you’ve been so busy and you just wish someone would write your emails for you, or plan out your webinar – hit the play button …

Yes, I want over 14 bonus courses, 50 pre-made templates covering everything from launch emails and Instagram captions – plus lifetime access to all 23 The Big 3 Summit recordings so I can finally see success in my business.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to say bye bye to …

  • Hate reading other people’s income reports?
  • Getting condescending eyerolls from your spouse when they ask “Haven’t you even made any money yet!?!?
  • Scoping out jobs on Indeed just in case things don’t pan out?

And instead say hello to …

  • An inbox full of new PayPal notifications every morning
  • Never batting an eyelash when the cashier says “That will be $357 dollars for your groceries” 
  • Turning down invitations to speak at summits and podcasts because you’re getting offered too many.

Pretty sweet right?

Well the Sales Booster Action Pack can get you there:

Sales Booster Action Pack

Over $3,000 with of bonuses, plus lifetime access to The Big 3 Summit Presentations 


The Sales Booster Action Pack will…

  • Tell you the exact words to write in your launch emails to actually get people to hit your buy buttons – so you won’t have to worry about doing the walk of shame when no one buys during your launch. 

  • Virtually write your webinar presentations for you so you don’t sound like a cheesy phony when you get the pitch.

  • Showing you (when you’re ready) how to boost your bottom line with Facebook ads for as little as $5 a day.

Get the Sales Booster Pack and over $3000 value for Just $137 

 The Sales Booster Action Pack contains:

  • Lifetime access to all of the presentations in The Big 3 Summit.
  • Mp3 versions of all the presentations so you can listen on the go.
  • Fully edited transcripts.
  • Exclusive cheat sheets of all the presentations to get you taking action even faster. 

    Along With ALL These Amazing Bonuses Too:

The $5 Funnel Flow Mini Course ($297 Value)

By Ashleigh Peregoy 

A mini-course on how to strategically run a successful Facebook ad campaign on a low budget of just $5 a day.  I provide a step by step walk through, tools and examples of how I generate leads for .28 conversion.

Funnel in a Flash Email Templates ($97 Value)

By Kate Doster

Never get keyboard-tied (you know like tongue-tied) again with this 11-part pre-written, MadLib style sales funnel email template.  Perfect for live launches and evergreen funnels.  Plus get 3 bonus last chance emails.

Service to Passive Program ($197 Value)

By Nihaad Gamieldien | Our Polished Pages

An actionable, self-paced program to help you turn your signature service into a digital product so you can make money on autopilot.

The Content Curator Workshop ($97 Value)

By  Kara Cahill

A step-by-step workshop teaching you how to plan out a month of high converting content that gets you more engagement, followers and customers from Instagram.

How to create a Quiz for Lead Generation ($27 Value)

By Shelly Criswell

Did you know that quizzes have a higher conversion rate for lead generation than any other form?  If you're not using quizzes to build your email list, you're leaving money on the table.  This mini-course will walk you through everything you need to know about quizzes.

Caption This: 10 Pre-written Social Media Captions ($37 Value)

By Monica Monfre

Stuck writing captions to engage your audience?

Wondering what type of post will boost your engagement?

Grab these 10 pre-written captions to boost your engagement today.

These posts work for Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Groups, and emails as well.  No longer wonder what to post …  Start posting today with these done-for-you captions.

The Ultimate Pinterest Airtable Templates Bundle ($17 Value)

By Precious Rodgers
There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to Pinterest but these templates will make your Pinterest journey that much easier!  Included in this bundle are four key Airtable templates that will help you keep track of all the nitty gritty things from making sure your account settings are optimized to keeping track of all your content so you can easily know what things need new pins and even which of your Pin templates you’ve already used!  These templates are pure gold and you will use them time and time again.

Launch Perfect Planning Calendar ($97 Value)

By Stirling Gardner

Every task you need to do planned out in meticulous detail for a Facebook Pop Up Group Launch.  Including when to start, stop and switch up your Facebook Ads. 

The Canva Mockup Box ($50 Value)

By Vanessa Ryan

Struggling to create mockups, but Photoshop phobic? The Canva Mockup Box includes 10 different mockups that have devices and pages with shadows, so you can drop your designs into a mockup right inside of Canva

Pin Practical Ads Funnel Tracking Spreadsheet ($17 Value) 

By Monica Froese

This is the perfect resource for planning out your Pinterest sales funnels with the focus on conversions.  Map out your Pinterest sales funnel and track their performance through Pinterest ads.

Your Money Mindset & Your Pricing Masterclass ($47 value)

By Clarissa Wilson

“How does she charge that much?”  “Why can’t I charge like that?”  How often do you ask questions like this when it comes to your business?  The biggest secret I can tell you, is your money mindset is what is affecting your pricing.  In this masterclass, let’s figure out what is holding you back with your money mindset and your pricing and change the way you price in your business forever. 

Build your Summit Community Masterclass: A step by step Blueprint for creating the Summit Community of your dreams ($97 Value) 

By Nicole Ware

Adding one more thing to the Summit production to-do list is not even remotely something you're considering.  But what if I tell you this is THE THING that will set your Summit apart and create true SUPERFANS for your event. 

In this Masterclass, we're talking about how your Summit community can skyrocket your Summit success and the step by step process of building a powerful Summit community …  Pop-up style.

T.A.N.G.O. Template Pack ($27 Value)

By Kim Jacobson

A veritable webinar-in-a-box ...

I call it the T.A.N.G.O. template pack because all you need to do is fill in the Templates, Advertise your webinar, Narrate (and totally nail!) your presentation, Grow your sales, and Optimize your process so you can go evergreen and attract customers 24/7/365.  It includes everything you need to create, advertise, launch, and optimize a successful webinar in 2020.

Building Big Buck Buyers Workshop ($97 Value)

By Kate Doster

Flip the buyer’s switch in your audience’s brains by uncovering the sleaze-free sales psychology that goes into turning people from strangers to happy paying customers in as little as five minutes thanks to this workshop and action book.

Bundle Magic ($97 Value) 

By Caroline Vencil & Tracy Lynn

How to turn a free bundle or summit into a massive growth opportunity for your blog and business.  Everyone is doing summits and bundles – it's time for you to get in on that action ...  and turn it into the biggest opportunity for you yet!

Affiliate Starter Kit ($27 value)

By Zoe Linda 

Filled to the brim with resources designed to help you spend less time learning and more time implementing, the Affiliate Program Starter Kit is made up of the exact same strategies and templates I use for high-paying client projects.

It's the virtual kick-up-the-butt you need to stop wasting time learning trial & error strategies and start taking action on harnessing the connections you already have to sell the products you've already created.

Mindset Reset Workshop ($97 Value)

By Faith Mariah 

Stop feeling down about the failures in your business and start telling yourself better stories.  You HAVE to be willing to walk through discomfort and failure to build the business and the life that you want.  Learn how to shift your mindset and have your own back NO MATTER WHAT.

12 Week Product Creation Blitz Mini-Course ($50 Value)

By  Kim Anderson

Want to create and sell your own product from scratch but overwhelmed by all the steps it takes to make it happen?  This product will help you go from conception to launch in 12 weeks time.  Includes a step by step guide, videos and checklists. 

Contributor List Building Free Bundle Giveaway in a Box ($297 Value)

By Kate Doster

One of the fastest ways to grow your list is to host Free Bundle Giveaways where potential subscribers go to a limited time ‘freebie mall and get amazing products for free.  In this course you’ll get everything from contributor pitch templates, pre-made social media graphics, even a Trello board and Airtable base to keep everything straight. 

The Content Promotion System ($77 Value)

by Naima Sheikh


Use this system to take the guesswork out of creating and promoting content that gets eyeballs on your stuff.  No angst, no stress -- just a streamlined process that's actually fun.  And gets it done.

The Freelancers Guide to Consistent Cashflow ($197 Value)

By Rita Ester

Never worry about where your next client is coming from again…
Even if you don’t have a ton of testimonials or a huge portfolio!

Use this system to create consistent income, week after week & month after month – so you can finally have the successful freelance business of your dreams.

In this video training, you'll learn...

How to captivate your customers with enticing offers they can’t resist
The easy strategy to confidently price your packages to get that “easy yes” again and again
My super-effective social media strategy to stay booked solid – without spending a DIME on paid ads!

PLUS, you'll get a PDF workbook and a BONUS Sales Script that I use to land high-ticket clients over and over again!

The TIDY Method File Management System ($147 Value)

By Jen Williams

The insanely easy to implement file management system that will organize your entire company in an afternoon. 


Look I know your finger hurts from all that scrolling because there are so many bonuses but don’t forget when you invest in the Sales Booster Action Pack you also get: 

Life Time + No Wait Time Access To All The Presentations

Can’t wait for Day 3 to get here? No worries you’ll get early access to ALL presentations on Sept. 14, 2020 at 9pm EST so you can watch to your heart’s content

Cheat Sheets & Transcriptions

To make all the information you’ll learn even easier for you, we created detailed notes and checklist of the exact actions you should be taken and avoid. 

Listen on the go

Save yourself the phone battery. Listen to all the presentations while doing the dishes, watching lame kid shows or on a walk with our audio only versions. 

“Seriously, what am I still doing here?  Just take my money.  I can’t believe I get all that for just $137.”

Questions “Fact Finders” need to know before hitting buy on the Sales Booster Action Pack …

Why would I buy this when I could just see the presentations for free?

I like your style homeslice. You can’t get the $3000 worth of bonuses for free …  but in all seriousness …

You’re an action taker, that’s what I love about you.  But maybe Sept 15 – Sept 17 just doesn’t work out for you?  Or you’re afraid binge watching that many videos will make your eyeballs fall out. 

Which is why if you need more time or you want to go back and re-watch any presentations – say like Naima about pre-launch content when you’re actually ready to launch.  You have it. 

Plus you’ll avoid writer’s cramps because we’ve taken all the notes for you.

When will I get access to everything?

You can access most of the bonuses as soon as you invest in the Sales Booster Action Pack.  An email will be sent to you from our course platform Podia to set up your log-in information. 

Once inside the membership area you’ll be able to access special coupon codes to purchase your bonus items completely for free. 

Presentations, cheatsheets, mp3’s and transcriptions will be unlocked 9am EST Sept. 15, 2020.  

Will the videos have closed captions in the Sales Booster Action Pack too.

All of the video presentations recorded specifically for The Big 3 summit will have closed captions.  We can’t guarantee any of the bonuses will.

I saw this advertised at a different price. Is this the same thing? Can I get the difference?

The content of the Sales Booster Action Pack will not change regardless of whether you purchase it before, during or after the summit. 


However the earlier you buy it, the more you will save.  


We do not offer price adjustments after the price has increased so if you’re on the fence, get it now. 

I already have one or more of the speaker bonus resources. Can I get a discount?

No discounts are offered.  Just know that you’re getting an incredible value, even if you have some of the speaker bonuses. 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.  If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at smilesquad@katedoster.com

There’s something else I’d like to know:

No worries, send us an email to smilesquad@katedoster.com and we’ll get back to you within two business days. 

 Look I get it, you’re already overwhelmed and bogging yourself down – adding even more content you “have to watch” is like throwing gasoline on a wildfire.

That’s why I wanted you to take a “Just in Time” learning approach to this bundle since you get lifetime access. 

Ready to step up your IG game instead of focusing on Facebook groups?  No worries rewatch our two presentations on Instagram and use the 10 pre-made captions. 

Got your IG game down?  Now you’re ready to start focusing on your webinar for Q1. 

Webinar went awesome, now you want to try your hands at running a free bundle for Q2 go use the template in the List Building Giveaway Course. 

These aren’t courses you “have to” watch, they’re courses you “get to watch” to help you conquer your current goal and come when you’re ready for the next one.